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International Society for Indian professionals in Insurance

We are first in the world; truly agnostic & holistic society for betterment of Indians in Insurance related professions / services across the World.

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Together we are ISIPI

Agnostic, cause, it’s the doubts that drive us. Not purpose. Industry specific commercial and tech knowledge. Mentors, career guide, God-father. Doubts surround us.

Holistic, cause, just like that one ring of, ISIPI strives to bring us together in those 7 principles (of Insurance) and bind us all.

Thus, ISIPI – International Society for Indian professionals in Insurance.

If you are working in Insurance industry (Life / General) in any capacity, this is the right place for you. Verticals / horizontals, designations do not matter here. If you work in insurance industry; This is THE place for you

Most importantly – This is a no profit – no loss venture (like Indian underwriting business). Anyone from insurance industry, searching for knowledge and collaborations: THIS PLATFORM IS for you.

Place where Global Locals and Local Locals’ can be Vocal. And united. ISIPI - International Society for Indian professionals in Insurance.

We are: (F)un (U)biquitious ©ontinuous (K)knowledge (S)eekers. Yes. And we are unapologetically give it away freely, too. Bad Joke.

Together we are ISIPI
Your voice will be heard here.

We are creating united and unified voice of an industry. Not as a union. But as a communion. Our sole intention is betterment of insurance sector; academically, helping youngsters up learning curve and continuous professional development.

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